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Smile Forest


Earth is not Human's Property

Should be Shared Equally Amongst all Living Beings

Including Animals and Plants.

Smile Forest's Philosophy "SHARED EARTH" Strongly  Urge

The Responsibility of Each and Every Life Form

Who Uses Earth

When Ever ,Where Ever a Living Being on Earth is in Need For Help

Others Should Not Hesitate to Provide Support

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About Us

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Smile Forest is a company based in Japan incorporated in 2015 primarily engaged in selling blends,packages,full leaf teas and herbs. These products are available to purchase either in the forms of loose tea or organic cotton reusable tea bags.

Teas and herbs are purchased from small scale farmers who mindfully utilize their indigenous knowledge and understanding of the behaviour of the Eco-system in sustainable farming. Those farmers are bound by social and environmental ethics inherits from their traditions.

None of our products are tested on animals and we strongly stand against animal cruelty.

Our products contain no artificial or natural flavours.

We are working together with Earth Friendly farmers in order to make our business  a fair business.

​We always make sure no tree is cut to make profits in the business. 

​We always encourage zero waste life style and our products have been developed to support customers with a zero waste life style.

​Putting everything together, Organic, Zero Waste and Vegan concepts creates part of our philosophy "SHARED EARTH"

Our Packaging

  • We avoid using plastic materials in our packaging since it has already created an imminent threat to the environment.

  • Refillable bottles are used in purchasing products as loose quantities in view of promoting zero-waste life style

  • No brand new papers have been used in our paper based packaging, instead tea waste and banana trees are used in manufacturing the packaging

Tea Bags

  • Our tea bags are made using organic cotton material instead of commonly used polypropylene or nylon materials 

  • Organic cotton cloths used for tea bags are manufactured using hand loom machines to reduce  electricity consumption

  • Even the thread used in the tea bags does not contain any plant substances


Wild Herbs

Wild herbs are uncultivated naturally grown herbs in a wild environment. They are collected by means of sustainable methods.Harvesting areas are changed and rotated

annually to provide sufficient time for a complete

regrowth.Vigilance and understanding of the

environment and the delicate Eco-systems plays a

major roll in keeping up with sustainable harvesting.

Some wild plants are about 50 years old(like wild Rooibose) whereas  cultivated herbs mostly have 3,4 months or occasionally  1 year life cycles. Wild herbs are extensively rich in medicinal and nutritional properties when compared to cultivated herbs.
With the rapidly growing  demand for herbs and herb products globally, commercial farmers have scaled production in

unsustainable ways leaving environmental and social damage.


Therefore we at Smile Forest try our best to fill up our

herb collection with best of wild herbs while minimizing

environment and social damage as well as bringing you

the distinctive benefits of consuming wild herbs.

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“Turtys” is our own original brand of herb tea bags. Our logo represents endangered sea creature “turtle” through which we need people to be aware of the danger the sea animals are in as a result of human misconduct.

“Turtys” tea collection mostly consists of naturally grown wild herbs instead of cultivated herbs and we have restrained from using any artificial flavors or any other artificial ingredients. The unique tea bag we use in “Turtys” tea is a reusable, hand woven, GOTS certified pouch which promotes our “zero-waste” concept as well as ensuring well-being of human and nature.

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Wild elephants are among the endangered animals. Humans have led them towards this tragedy. They are being hunted for ivory, captured from wild and held in captivity for human entertainment.

Their families are shattered; they are given a life far different from the life they are naturally

supposed to live. This should be stopped. We should allow them to enjoy their natural

life in their natural surrounding among their own kind. We do have a responsibility to

protect them. To accomplish this we believe that we should get to know them

properly, know their behaviors, their habitats, their relationships with the clan

and many more things about this creature. That knowledge will help us to get

them out of this danger, keep them from getting harmed. Otherwise this

majestic, smart creature will move towards extinction in a foreseeable

future.We at “Smile Forest” are dedicated to this purpose. We try to do

what we can to protect elephants in the world. At present we’ve

allocated 2% from our revenue for the welfare of elephants. We support

projects around the world who are dedicated for this cause. Some are

elephant orphanages; some are transit homes for elephants.

But our ultimate objective is to see a world where there is no need for such

places. Elephants live their natural life. Without human intrusion.

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Responsibility To Protect Wild Life

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Smile Forest

Smile Forest

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